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Yanmenguan road trip route


Tips for visiting Yanmenguan

In order to "safety first" tourism service purpose, 

it is recommended that you do safety first in the tour process, peace of mind travel!

1. You must buy a ticket to enter the scenic spot. One person, one ticket, the ticket is valid on the day.

2. It is forbidden to break flowers and trees and trample on the lawn;

3. Take good care of the resources and tourist facilities in the scenic spot, and do not scribble, scratch, write or scribble.

4. Pay attention to safety warning signs, wading areas are dangerous, do not cross protective railings, do not climb mountains, do not visit remote dangerous areas;

5. water travel or other water activities Pay attention to the safety of the boat to wear life jacket, do not go to the water or dangerous river alone;

6. Look after the elderly and children in the scenic area to avoid accidents;

7. It is forbidden to carry poisonous and harmful, inflammable and explosive articles into the scenic spot and take sightseeing buses;

8. do not play in the plank road, cable bridge and other narrow dangerous road, so as not to cause congestion and accidents, up and down the steps, pay attention to caution.